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Announcing Our New Survey Platform

It is a great pleasure for me to announce that we are migrating our primary survey platform to Survey Analytics. This platform provides our clients a more comprehensive list of question types to use in their research. Also all clients can access their survey reports via a password protected reporting dashboard.

One of the first requirements in what we wanted in a new survey platform was that it could provide many of the question types that in our prior platform could not support. This will result in more useful information and analysis of the respondents.

Some of the new question types include:

  • Conjoint descret questions
  • Van Westendorf price sensitivity questions
  • TURF Analysis
  • More animated methods for better user experience
  • Validation of certain data such as zip codes
  • Integration of mapping tools for location identification
  • and more.
  • The second requirement was that it provide better and more timely access to the survey results to our clients. With our new survey platform we are able to provide a password protected access to the survey dashboard report. This gives clients access 24×7 to review the results of their surveys and look at results by question.

    The final requirement was that it provide better integration with our advanced data analytics package. Survey Analytics comes integrated with Data Cracker. This allows us to prepare and present comprehensive reporting of survey results.

    Best of all we are able to continue to deliver cost effective survey engagements at prices we offered previously.

    We have prepared a demo survey demonstrating the new survey platform. You can access it here:

    At the completion of the survey you will have a link to review the new client dashboard report.

    If you have any questions or comments please contact us at To find out more about the capabilities of Survey Analytics, please visit their web site.